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Being a partner for a non-profit organization can be quite rewarding. Kelsey’s Dream can show you that doing a hard days of work will not only impact your daily life, but the life of others. Within this organization you’ll be helping out children in need who contracted cancer and impact their daily lives, while impacting your own. Helping a non-profit organization also boosts your company’s reputation, brand, and improve professional relationships among the employees and strengthen community relations. Kelsey’s Dream holds an event each year called the Fall Festival which is only possible due to the sponsors, funding partners, volunteers, and the community. Sponsors contributes a tax-deductible financial gift and/or team of helpers. Kelsey's Dream believes that together, we can achieve anything by pursuing similar goals such as: Corporate Sponsorship, Volunteering at the Fall Festival, Making baked goods, and helping children in need. If you are interested in sponsoring an event, please contact us for more information.

Current Volunteer of the Year

2016 Volunteer of the Year

Hailey Foresman

Hailey Foresman was presented with the Kelsey’s Dream Volunteer of the Year Award at the 10th Annual Kelsey’s Fall Festival. Foresman is a sophomore at Mifflinburg High School and a member of the soccer and softball teams. Foreseman was chosen as the recipient of this award due to her dedication to Kelsey’s Dream during her summer vacation this year. Two…

Previous Volunteer of the Year

Previous Volunteer of the Year

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