Snack Pack Program

Kelsey's Dream continued their tradition of giving snack packs to the pediatric cancer patients on August 3, 2012, visiting Foss 3, at Geisinger. Kylie Kuhns, Paige Clawser and Ginny Johnson delivered the snacks this trip. Kelsey's Dream delivers a truck-load of snacks about every three months for the patients. These children are usually of steroids which makes them very hungry. Appointments usually consist of lab work and chemotherapy, which usually take a full day. This makes for a very long day with no vending machines nearby. The program has expanded to the inpatient pediatric cancer patients as well. The Snack Pack Program is continuing to bring smiles to a lot of children's faces. The pediatric cancer patients love having snacks and juice when they have an appointment. The doctors, nurses and Child Life said that the kids look forward to choosing a snack from the snack box. Kelsey, the girl whom Kelsey's Dream was named for, always prepared for the long, hungry days by packing a backpack full of snacks and juice boxes, the night before her appointments. Her mom recalls playing grocery store, with Kelsey at Foss 3. Kelsey would purchase snacks from the backpack, and pay for them by giving her mom kisses. With the support of our fundraisers and donations, Kelsey's Dream has a variety of snacks for them to pick from and hopes to continue this wonderful progra

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