Angel Tree

The Salvation Army's Angel Tree program is a favorite holiday tradition! Annually, Kelsey and Kylie enjoyed sponsoring up to 6 children, at Christmas time. We want to continue the tradition of Helping Children in Need, through Kelsey’s Dream. Angel Tree provides holiday assistance to needy children in the form of brand new toys and clothing each year. The gifts that are distributed to these children are entirely donated by generous corporations, churches, community organizations and individuals. Kelsey’s Dream contacted our local Salvation Army and was able to sponsor 9 very needy children in our area. We supplied all their toys and clothing to make a very special Christmas for these children. Most of the children requested and received bikes or scooters, walkman, games and lots and lots of toys. We had so many toys, that it took up one bay in our garage to sort them. We were able to connect with a family of a little girl with cancer, and help supply toys for her for Christmas, as well. Kelsey's Dream was able to support the Angel Tree Program, because of the support of the community through donations and the support of events like Kelsey's Fall Festival. For the past 2 years, Kelsey's Dream sponsored 10 children at Christmas. Kelsey's Dream was able to increase the sponsorship in 2009 to 12 children. In 2010 we were able to sponsor 38 children, with the help of our community.

Who is assisted by the Angel Tree program?

The Salvation Army carefully screens the families that seek assistance from the program using the Federal Poverty Index to ensure that they are serving the neediest families in the community. Only families who qualify will have their children placed on the Angel Tree and thus available for "adoption" by the public.

How you can help a child during the holiday...

To sponsor a needy child in our area, contact the Salvation Army in Milton, PA at 570-742-4231.

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