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Getting Ready for Camp Dost

Kylie has Kayla in full training now! In July, about 100 campers will have their bags packed for a week of summer fun at Camp Dost, a pediatric cancer camp held at Camp Victory in Millville. Camp Dost provides a camp experience for children with cancer. The camp allows one sibling to accompany the camper, so Kelsey always had Kylie as a companion at camp. They loved activities such as arts and crafts with the camp counselors who were so fun and goofy. Kelsey also loved receiving a handmade blanket at Camp Dost every year. Many volunteers donate blankets to Kelsey’s Dream™ so they can provide blankets for each camper. Kelsey’s Dream™ is very thankful for all of the donations this year. The campers and counselors also receive t-shirts sponsored by Kelsey’s Dream™.

The beauty of this special camp is that the focus is on giving the campers the best possible experience and to just let them be kids. It is so great to have a program like this because for once they don’t have to worry about standing out; everyone is in the same situation and everyone has a sense of what the other children are going through. Kelsey’s Dream™ and Camp Dost are so grateful to everyone who contributes their time to this wonderful cause.

Pictured (left to right): Chris Lehman (Director of Camp Dost), Kylie Kuhns (Founder of Kelsey’s Dream™), Kayla Kline (Kelsey’s Dream™ Community Outreach Coordinator)


Snack Donation!



Club 39 of Mifflinburg PA recently collected snacks for Kelsey's Dream, for their snack program. The members of Club 39 (pictured above) invited Kelsey's Dream intern, Jessica Portzline to their meeting, where she spoke to the group about the programs Kelsey's Dream offers.


Snack Donation!



The Penn State Hazleton Softball team recently held a snack drive to support Kelsey's Dream™. Sara Stauffer from Mifflinburg (front), a volunteer for Kelsey's Dream™ since 2007 and the Kelsey's Dream™ Volunteer of the Year in 2013, rallied her team to do this snack drive and fundraiser. Thank you so much to the Penn State Hazleton Softball team for your generous snack donation as well as fundraising for Hopper the Cancer Crusher! Kelsey's Dream™ is so thankful for your kind hearts!


 Hopper Delivery



Thank you to Dan and Lindie Bacon for personally delivering Hopper the Cancer Crusher to Westchester Medical Center, in memory of Charlotte Bacon. The Bacons were excited to pass Hopper on to a pediatric oncology facility where he will be loved very much. The staff at the Westchester Medical Center were very gracious and grateful to receive Hopper in memory of Charlotte Bacon.


Dress Down Donation!



In March, Northumberland National Bank did a dress down for Kelsey’s Dream. Three hundred and thirty six dollars was donated to Kelsey’s Dream and will be used to better the lives of children diagnosed with cancer. Thank you Northumberland National Bank! Pictured above: Kylie Kuhns (founder of Kelsey's Dream) and Tim Fister (Director of Human Resources)


Snack Donation!



Kelly-Ites 4-H Club of Lewisburg donated to Kelsey's Dream Snack Pack Program. This 22 member club participates in projects with topics that range from arts and crafts, to livestock and woodworking.Club leader Nancy DeHaven-Imgrund invited intern Talyor Schumann to speak to them about Kelsey's Dream


Snack Delivery




The Mifflinburg Ladys girls basketball team went to Janet Weis Children's Hospital in Danville to deliver a trunk full of snacks and Hopper the Cancer Crusher. The snacks were donated by the employees of Erie Building Materials located in Williamsport.


Generous Intern


Kelsey's Dream™ intern Taylor Schumann donated her hair and raised money to donate to three charities, one being Kelsey's Dream™. She donated 11 inches of hair to Locks of Love and was able to raise about $900! She donated $300 each to Kelsey's Dream, Locks of Lover, and Alex's Lemonable Stand Foundation. Thank you so much for all those who donated and to Taylor for making it all happen!


Dress Down Donation



Mifflinburg Bank & Trust Company held a dress down day once a week for one month. The bank matched the donations from the employees and all together they raised $756 to donate to Kelsey's Dream™. Thank you so much to all who participated! We are so appreciative of your support and generosity.
Pictured with Kylie is Mandi Ruhl, the Branch Administrato




Gabe Butterworth, a first grader at Meadowbrook Christian Academy, made holiday signs like the one pictured above and sold them to raise money for Kelsey's Dream. In total Gabe raised $86! A big thank you goes out to Gabe for his kind heart and generosity.


Kindergarteners Donate Snacks



The kindergarten stutdents of West Snyder Elementary School in Beaver Springs decided collecet snacks for Kelsey's Dream Snack Pack Program. These snacks were delivered to the Janet Weis Children's Hospital in Danville by intern Rebecca Procopio.


Paddy the Penguin!


 Kelsey's Dream intern, Rebecca Procopio delivered twenty-one Paddy the Penguin plush toys to the Janet Weis Children's Hospital in Danville. The child life specialist, Tracey Craddock, was there to accept the fuzzy companions and gave them to the Pediatric Oncology patients the week of Christmas and on Christmas day. The donation of penguins would't have been possible without the help of Robin Beck. She did this in memory of her sister-in-law who lost her battle to cancer. Robin held a fundraiser that gave the buyers the option of donating a penguin to a child in the hospital during the Christmas season.


Dress Down Donation


The Swineford National Bank in Mifflinburg held a dress down event every Friday in the month of October for Kelsey's Dream. They raised a total of $347.00 for Kelsey's Dream. Kelsey's Dream is very appreciative of the generosity of the bank employees

Pictured from left to right: Kathy Bilger, Torie Styers, Kylie Kuhns (Founder of Kelsey's Dream), Nicole Sovic, Kimberly Snyder, Matthew Atchison


Snacks Donated!


Intern, Rebecca Procopio, delivered snacks to Geisinger Hospital in Danville to help out with the Snack Pack Program. These snacks are given to children going through treatment in the hospital's oncology unit. The snacks donated were from Meadowbrook Christian School's first graders.

Pictured above: Katie Riese, Pediatric Oncology Child Life Specialist, (left) and Rebecca Procopio, Kelsey's Dream Intern (right)


Snack Donation

The first graders of Meadowbrook Christian School gives back by donating to the Kesley's Dream Snack Pack Program. After reveiving a presentation about Kelsey's Dream the students decided to give back to the community and help out the organization.


Fall Festival

October the 11th was the 8th annual Kelsey's Fall Festival. The day included food, fun and entertainment for all ages. Things such as games, various performances, and two adorable alpacas made people leave with a smile on their face. In honor of Kelsey's 21st birthday, sister and founder Kylie Kuhns led a balloon release sending well wishes and love to her sister. The festival helped raise money for the distribution of Hopper the Cancer Crusher, a new therapy toy developed by Kelsey's Dream.


 Senior Project Fundraiser


Elizabeth Hockenberry, a student at Midd-West High School, raised money for Kesley's Dream to count towards her Graduation Project. The Graduation Project is an independent report that all students are required to do. Students must participate in some kind of project, create the project's plan, include graphs to descride the project, write a paper about it, and finally present the project to an audience. Elizabeth chose to donate the funds raised by her project to Kelsey's Dream. Thank you Elizabeth for the difference you and others help make in the community. 



Epsilon Beta chapter of Belta Gamma at Bucknell University recently donated $1000 to Kelsey's Dream. Epsilon Beta was the winner of the 2014 Frankie Ladley Wakefield Parnassus Award. This award is given to three Delta Gamma chapters who mainain an overall 3.0 garde poin average or higherand that manifest the qualities of intelligence, curiosity, and integrity. The money donated by this organization will help Kelsey's Dream send Hopper the Cancer Crusher to two hospitals. Epsilon Beta was happy to make a contribution to such a wonderful cause.


Yard Sale Donation

Kalyssa Bowersox was at Kelsey's Fall Festival and was determined to track down Kylie Kuhns, the founder of Kelsey's Dream. Why? Kalyssa held a yard sale with her grandma Jannie Ulrich to raise $500 for Kelsey's Dream. Kalyssa is a second grader at Mifflinburg Elementary School.



These four children pictured above made cupcakes and sold them around the Mifflinburg area. They raised $50 dollars for Kelsey's Dream, which shows that one idea can make a big difference.

Pictured above (left to right): Tandalaya Mabry, Neyshawn Mabry, Deajah Mabry, Alice Arvelo, and Kylie Kuhns


FROG's learn about Hopper

Taylor Schumann, an intern with Kelsey's Dream, gave a presentation to the St. John's United Church of Christ congregation in Lewisburg. The church as a Fully Rely on God (FROG) program for its youth. The group does FROG related activies but also a lot of fun frog based crafts. Taylor explained the mission of Kelsey's Dream and the differnet projects offered such as the blanket program, the snack pack program and the Kelsey's Fall Festival. She even introduced these frog enthusiasts to Hopper the Cancer Crusher and explained how he helps children battleing cancer. The congregation was very welcoming and Kesley's Dream is glad to have the support of communities like this who help us better the lives of children with cancer.

Snack Delivery

Taylor Schumann delivered snacks to Geisinger to help with the Snack Pack Program. Kelsey always enjoyed a yummy treat after a long day of treatment. Kelsey's Dream is happy to put a smile on the face of a child with a tasty treat after a long day of chemotherapy.


Blanket Delivery

Intern, Taylor Schumann delivered 37 handmade blankeys to the Ronald McDonald House. The blankets will be given to the children of camp Dost, a Pediatric Children's Cancer Camp in Millville. Every year, Kelsey's Dream provides about 100 handmade blankets to the camp and they are gratefull to have generous volunteers doing their part and making a difference in the world.

Hopper Delivery

Kylie Kuhns Delivered " Hopper the Cancer Crusher" to Geisinger Hopsital in Danville. Hopper provides a way to explain to children what some of the treatment and procedures are going to be like.


Lemonade & Cookie Sale


Reece, Camryn, and Landen Murray held a lemonade and cookie sale to raise money for Kelsey's Dream. The stand raised $63 and Mother Emily Stoltzfus and Grandmother Sue Smith matched the earning for a total of $126. We at Kelsey's Dream really appreciate the generosity of the Murray Children.


 Blankets Donated

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) challenged all ELCA congregations in the US to participate in a day of service to the community. The Sharon Lutheran Church in Selinsgrove recently donated 10 blankets to Kelsey's Dream. These blankets will be given to the campers of Camp Dost, a pediatric cancer camp.


Dress Down Donation


Northumberland National Bank held a dress down event for Kelsey's Dream. This donation will help contribute to the goal of helping children whose lives have been affected by cancer.

Pictured: Tim Fister (Director of Human Resources), Kylie Kuhns (Founder of Kelsey's Dream), and Heidi J. Kline (Vice President & Mortgage Loan Specialist)


Blanket Donatinon


Dreisbach Youth Sunday School class completed 17 blankets thanks to monetary and material donations from members of the congregation. These blankets will be snuggled by the campers of Camp Dost, a pediatric cancer camp in Millville.


Erie Materials of Williamsport, after hearing a presentation about Kelsey's Dream from Lynn Kuhns, donated $1,000 to help promote "Hopper the Cancer Crusher". Its because of generous donations like these that Kelsey's Dream is able to provide programs such as Hopper the Cancer Crusher, the Snack Pack Program, and the blanket program.

Pictured above: Amy Neumann (Erie Materials Corporate Office), Brett Holmes (General Manager of Erie Materials in Williamsport), Lynn Kuhns (Vice President of Kelsey's Dream)


CommuniT for Kelsey's Dream

At Bucknell University the Students enrolled in Management 101 start their own "company". The students are to organize themselves in the structure of a company with titles such as CEO, VP, HR, and other various roles. After selecteing a service project, the students base their company around ways to help the chosen project. These management students held a T-shirt sale and 5K run to benefit Kelsey's Dream. The Management team presented Kelsey's Dream with a check for $2,000 dollars.


Blanket Donation


Kelsey's Dream donated about 70 blankets to Camp Dost, a program of the Ronald McDonald House and held at Camp Victory in Millville. This camp is meant for the children and families affected by childhood cancer. Handmade blankets like the ones shown above will be given to the children attending Camp Dost in a hope to make their day brighter and their evenings warmer.


Snacks Delivered

Kelsey’s Dream™ delivered snacks to Geisinger’s Janet Weis Children’s Hospital. The organization started The Snack Pack Program for pediatric cancer patients at the hospital. Many children are on steroids for their treatment, so they love looking forward to choosing their own yummy treat that pacifies the hunger caused by this medicine. When Kelsey used to get ready for a long day at the hospital, she would look forward to playing grocery with her mom using her backpack full of snacks. Kelsey’s Dream™ continues to strive to make these children smile, even from something as small as a bag of chips.


 Join us for a Garden Tea Party!

   Please join us for a fun, formal tea & gardening demonstration in the gardens at Country Farm & Home Gift and Garden Center. The proceeds of this event will help the Kelsey's Dream initiative to distribute their new therapy toy, Hopper the Cancer Crusher, to children newly diagnosed with cancer. The tea party will be March 15th, from 11:00 am to 1:00 p.m. Bring your sisters, daughters, mothers, friends for a great afternoon!
Adults: $20, Children (under 13): $15
Register early…spaces fill up quickly! Call 966-4030

Cub Scout Pack Donates Snacks..Again!

On Friday, January 17th, Kelsey’s Dream delivered snacks to Geisinger’s Janet Weis Children’s Hospital. The organization started The Snack Pack Program for pediatric cancer patients at the hospital. Many children are on steroids for their treatment, so they love looking forward to choosing their own yummy treat that pacifies the hunger caused by this medicine. When Kelsey used to get ready for a long day at the hospital, she would look forward to playing grocery with her mom using her backpack full of snacks. Kelsey’s Dream continues to strive to make these children smile, even from something as small as a bag of chips. The Mifflinburg Cub Scouts, Pack #3520, generously donated this batch of snacks.


Pictured with intern Taylor Schumann is Katie Riese, a Certified Child Life Specialist at Geisinger.


Angel Tree Program 2013

This holiday season, Kelsey's Dream™ met with the Salvation Army to select a number of very needy local children to sponsor. We also bought gifts for the Nagel family who must use their resources to care for their, three out of four, children that suffer from a terrible disease. Intern Molly had lots of fun shopping for warm clothing and exciting toys for all the kids! From coats, sweaters, and pajamas to footballs, coloring books, and remotes control cars, we hope each child enjoyed opening his or her gifts on Christmas morning. As always, our goal is to brighten the lives of children in need.

Pictured below: Some of the toys in Molly's trunk



Montgomery High School Donates

In November, Montgomery Area Highschool's FCCLA Club along with Janet Sellard, Family & Consumer Science Instructor, promoted Childhood Cancer Awareness. Students at Montgomery began a weeklong study of childhood cancer with a Gold Ribbon Event. Each day, students learned how cancer affects children and how little is done in the way of research for a cure. During their "Gold Out" week, students conducted a penny drive because every penny counts when trying to find a cure for kids. At the end of the week, middle and high school students collected over 20,303 pennies. The money was presented to Kelsey's Dream during an assembly where students also learned more about Hopper the Cancer Crusher from Molly Ford, a Bucknell University intern from Kelsey's Dream. Matt Rhinehart presented on behalf of the school and shared students' research on childhood cancer over the daily announcements.




The students are excited to make this an annual event and can't wait to see how much money they can raise next year!










Cub Scout Pack 3520 Donates Snacks

To thank Mifflinburg Cub Scouts - Pack 3520 for their service, Kylie Kuhns, founder of Kelsey’s Dream, introduced the Kelsey’s Dream therapy toy “Hopper the Cancer Crusher” to the troop. “Hopper” is intended to be a liaison between doctors and young patients, so children can better understand the procedures they will have to undergo. The organization hopes to supply pediatric oncology wings throughout American hospitals with “Hopper” so newly diagnosed children can have him right away. In addition to learning about the therapy toy, the scouts had collected and generously donated snacks for Kelsey’s Dream, which will go to young patients at Geisinger's Janet Weis Children's Hospital. If you would like to donate to the snack program, all donations must be individual sized, and can be dropped off at Art of Living Design Studio, Mifflinburg or Apex Homes, Rt. 522, Middleburg.



Pictured in the photo:


Standing: Kylie Kuhns


Back Row:  Ethan Thone, Chase Schlegel, Nathaniel Chambers, Kaleb Sauers, Joey Hibshman, Stanley St. Clair


First Row: Cole Mabus, Harrison Patte, Lyndon Miller and Edwood Bloskey

Kylie to Judge Cookie Contest

Our founder, Kylie Kuhns, was selected to be a judge for the Children's Holiday Cookie Baking Contest at Herr Memorial Library. Please support Kylie and this exciting event on Thursday, December 19th! See below for rules and entry forms!



Snack Pack Program

Last Thursday, intern Olivia Clavel-Davis took a trip to Geisinger's Janet Weis Children's Hospital to deliver donated snacks to their pediatric oncology unit. The snacks were donated by a group of 1st graders from Meadowbrook Christian School who Olivia talked to about Kelsey's Dream in October. These nonperishable snacks will be given to child cancer patients who are usually on steroids which makes them very hungry. Pictured with Olivia, is Katie Riese, one of the child life specialists who works for the hospital. If you would like to donate to the snack program, all donations must be individual sized, and can be dropped off at Art of Living Design Studio, Mifflinburg or Apex Homes, Rt. 522, Middleburg. The snack pack program will make a lot of children very happy!



 Lynzee Ruhl

Kelsey's Dream thanks Lynzee Ruhl, Mifflingburg Middle School 6th grader for her generous donation! She made rainbow loom bracelets and sold them at a local craft fair to raise $100 dollars for Kelsey's Dream. We are proud of Lynzee's accomplishment and thank her for helping children in need! She is pictured below presenting her donation to Kylie.



Tree of Love

Country Farm and Home is hosting the 7th annual Lighting of the "Tree of Love" to benefit Kelsey's Dream! Come enjoy the lighting of the tree, music and refreshments on Friday November 29rd at 6pm at 7801 Old Turnpike Road, Mifflinburg.


Kelsey’s Dream Donates to Camp Dost: A Program of the Ronald McDonald House of Danville





On Thursday, November 7th, Kelsey’s Dream donated about 35 blankets to Camp Dost, a pediatric cancer camp held at Camp Victory in Millville.


The blanket program was initiated because Kelsey loved to receive blankets while she was at Camp Dost. Kelsey’s Dream tries to recreate that joy that Kelsey felt when she was given a handmade blanket. The blankets provided by Kelsey’s Dream will make it into the hands of about 100 children attending Camp Dost this July.


In order to continue Kelsey’s dream, more blanket donations are needed! Fleece knot blankets are greatly appreciated as donations to Kelsey’s Dream so we can make the lives of the children at Camp Dost that much brighter.


Extreme Fitness Benefits Kelsey's Dream



On Sunday October 20th, 2013, Extreme Fitness 24/7 in Mifflinburg, PA hosted a Karma Yoga class to benefit Kelsey’s Dream. Class instructor Sandy Strickler explained the idea behind Karma Yoga is giving to charity. She teaches the class for free and those taking the class are welcome to donate.


The class was very peaceful and had a friendly environment. People of all different ages came and enjoyed 90 minutes of relaxation. Kelsey’s Dream would like to thank Extreme Fitness for its generosity and the kind hearts of the instructors and people who donated.




In picture above (from left to right):

Sandy Strickler – Instructor, Extreme Fitness, Kylie Kuhns – Founder, Kelsey’s Dream, Ryan Sampsell – Owner, Extreme Fitness

Meadowbrook First Graders Donate Snacks

Each year different classes of the Meadowbrook Christian School of Milton, PA come up with and participate in a service project. This year, the children of Mrs. Nornhold’s first grade class decided to partake in a snack pack program for Kelsey’s Dream. An intern with Kelsey’s Dream, Olivia Davis, went to the class and briefly presented the organization and the goal of the snack pack program. The students were not only eager to engage, but they also were inquisitive of what having a deleterious disease meant. Each student was to bring in a donation of some kind of non-perishable snack to contribute to the multitude of snacks going to the Geisinger Medical Center of Danville. There, the snacks would be distributed as needed to patients in the pediatric oncology wing. Thanks to the generosity of these young children, Kelsey’s Dream will be able to better provide young patients with a more comfortable atmosphere.



Union County Sportsman Club Supports Kelsey's Dream


As a business that serves their community, the Union County Sportsman Club and Wildlife Sanctuary of Weikert, Pennsylvania is a place where families can dine, relax, and even see various animals. President of the Union Country Sportsman Club, Bear Spangler, recently presented a check to the founder of Kelsey’s Dream, Kylie Kuhns. As a child, Kylie and her sister Kelsey loved having meals, playing on the playground, and appreciating the animals at the club.


7th Annual Kelsey's Fall Festival Recap


Saturday October 12, 2013 marked the 7th annual Kelsey's Fall Festival. Thanks to over 400 dedicated volunteers, it was the most successful festival to date! Along with a record setting 430 quarts of apple butter, other classic favorites such as music entertainment, adrenaline rush inflatable, hayrides, blue barrel tractor rides, Elmo and Cookie Monster characters, crafts, games, and prizes galore, the cake wheel, apple cider, and other delicious treats delighted festival goers once again. Ashburn's Animals petting zoo and the dunk tank were new additions that were consistently crowded with kids ready to feed a furry friend or see a local celebrity get soaked.

The Mifflinburg VFW fairground was blessed with warm, October weather. The sun beamed down after the balloon release commemorating Kelsey's 20th birthday.This event alone made attending the festival worthwhile; pictures truly cannot do it justice.

Kelsey's Dream unveiled the newest member of the team, Hopper the Cancer Crusher! Make sure to stop by the Art of Living Design Studio to buy Hopper shirts for $10!






 Sara and Katie named 2013 Kelsey’s Dream Volunteers of the Year

Sara Stauffer and Katie Alexander, two seniors at Mifflinburg Area High School, were named Kelsey’s Dream Volunteers of the Year during Kelsey’s Fall Festival.  Stauffer is the captain of her high school soccer team; and Alexander, the captain of the field hockey team.  They were chosen to represent the organization because of their dedication and commitment to Kelsey’s Dream. “… I had many different emotions, but most of all, I was touched… [the Kuhns family] have become very good friends to my family and me. I am so proud and inspired to be a part of Kelsey’s legacy,” explains Stauffer on receiving the award.
            Both young ladies have been volunteering with Kelsey’s Dream since the first Fall Festival of 2007 by helping with set up and tear down, as well as many other aspects that go into making the Festival a huge success.  This year Alexander coordinated the cake wheel and recruited her field hockey teammates to participate in the Festival as well.  In addition to supporting the Fall Festival every year, the young ladies also help Kelsey’s Dream with the Angel Tree program, the Garden Tea Party, and much more. Alexander states, “I guess I could say that it feels great to volunteer because not only do I have a good time doing it, but I also know that it can help little kids feel better.” Congratulations girls, and thank you for your all your hardworking help!

Kelsey's Dream at Country Farm and Home


Snack Program


On September 11th Kelsey’s Dream intern Megan Cotterman delivered a truckload of snacks to the pediatric oncology clinic at Geisinger Medical Center.  Pictured with Megan, is Katie Riese, one of the child life specialists who works for the hospital. If you would like to donate to the snack program, all donations must be individual sized, and can be dropped off at Art of Living Design Studio, Mifflinburg or Apex Homes, Rt. 522, Middleburg. Please help us bring smiles to the children’s faces, and make their day a little brighter!





Campers to Arrive at Camp Dost



Camp Dost is a pediatric cancer camp held at Camp Victory in Millville. 104 campers will arrive at camp on Sunday. Have a great week kids. Camp Dost is a pediatric cancer camp held at Camp Victory in Millville. 104 campers will arrive at camp on Sunday. Have a great week kids!


Evangelical Lutheran Church of America



The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) is celebrating its 25th anniversary and challenged all ELCA congregations throughout the United States to participate in service on September 8. Sharon Lutheran's Sunday school children were very active for their first day of Sunday school on September 8. The senior high classes, with assistance from adults, knotted approximately 21 blankets for Kelsey’s Dream. The blankets will be given to campers at Camp Dost, a camp for children with cancer.



Mifflinburg Bank & Trust employee Karen Kurtz presented a check to Kylie Kuhns, Founder, Kelsey’s Dream Organization. The check represents Casual Friday funds donated by bank employees and matching funds by Mifflinburg Bank & Trust.





Kelsey's Dream Blanket Program


Kelsey’s Dream Blanket Program had yet another great contribution made by the 7th-12th Sunday School class of Dreisbach Church in Lewisburg, PA! They made 9 blankets and are receiving donations to make more this year. Every year Kelsey’s Dream provides around 100 handmade blankets to Camp Dost, a Pediatric Children’s Cancer Camp in Millville, PA. We also provide blankets, hats and scarves for kids going through Bone Marrow Transplants at the following hospitals: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Virginia Commonwealth University Health Systems, and Nemours/A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children. If you would like to donate new handmade blankets, you can drop them off at Art of Living Design Studio in Mifflinburg, Country Farm & Home, Mifflinburg or Apex Homes in Middleburg. Pictured in the photo below: Bottom row - Becky Stup, Mallory Leitzel, Alec Chappel Back Row- Rylie Amabile, Adam Leitzel, Maddie Young, Quincy Amabile and Andrew Leitzel (Not pictured Tricia Lloyd).


 Welcome New Interns!


Kelsey’s Dream would like to welcome Taylor Schumann for the 2013-2014 academic year as an Administrative Assistant! Taylor is a sophomore civil engineeyr at Bucknell University. From West Hartford, Connecticut, Taylor recalls her many years helping to fundraise for the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Alex’s family used to live next to Taylor in West Hartford and made a huge impact on her life and was the inspiration for her to help children and families struggling with pediatric cancer. Taylor is extremely excited to be working with Kelsey’s Dream and can’t wait to begin to make a difference in this community. Welcome, Taylor!



Kelsey's Dream welcomes Olivia Clavel-Davis for the 2013-2014 school year as an Administrative Assistant! Originally from Newton, NJ, Olivia is studying at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA. She is a biology/pre-health major, with hopes in becoming a pediatric oncologist or pediatric oncology nurse practitioner. She is so excited to be able to partake in the lives that cancer affects, and eager to make a difference with the help of our team! Welcome Olivia!






Kelsey's Dream welcomes Molly Ford for the 2013-2014 school year as an Administrative Assistant. A Baltimore native, Molly is a senior Sociology major at Bucknell University. After reading the Kuhn family's inspirational story, she knew she had to be a part of Kelsey's Dream. Molly looks forward to contributing her skills in marketing and fundraising for nonprofits, as well as her love for children, to our ever-growing foundation. Welcome, Molly!





Founder Named Most Influential

The Standard Journal named Kylie Kuhns Most Influential because of her work with Kelsey's Dream.  She was recently featured in a new annual section of the paper which chooses five of the Most Influential people in the area from submitted nominations.  Kylie, a freshman in high school, aside from spending time with her family and friends, dedicating time to Key Club and student government, and playing three sports, has founded an organization with the goal of helping children who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Kelsey's Dream contributes to the community through many programs and also has created an opportunity for children and adults of the community to volunteer to a great cause.  Kylie feels that all her work with Kelsey's Dream is worth it because volunteering makes her feel good and has had a positive impact on her personally.

To see the full article, visit

   Rachael Ray and USA Today Kindness Challenge

Kylie Kuhns, Founder, recently appeared on the Rachael Ray Show and in USA Today.  If you missed the announcement of the Kindness Challenge Winner - here is the link to the Rachael Ray Show -

Relive Kylie's appearance on the Rachel Ray Show for winning the Kindness Challenge!   

 Kylie Kuhns Receives

DAR Community Service Award

On March 31st, Kylie Kuhns was awarded the DAR’s Community Service Award for her outstanding contributions to the community.  Kylie’s work as the founder of Kelsey’s Dream, an organization which is dedicated to helping kids who have been diagnosed with cancer, includes many civic, benevolent, and heroic acts.  Kylie was presented the award in Lewisburg by the Shikelimo Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and will now go on to be considered for the National DAR Community Service Award.  Another award recipient had a connection to Kelsey’s Dream as well.  Connor Pierce, Volunteer for Kelsey’s Dream, won the DAR Good Citizen award for Mifflinburg High School.  


 Making Snack Pack Deliveries!



   Every three months we deliver a truckload of snacks to the pediatric oncology patients at Geisinger Hospital. Due to the steroids the children are taking, they get very hungry and look forward to receiving the snacks! Snack donations can include Doritos, chips, mini pretzels, Slim Jims, Twizzlers, gummies, juice boxes, Oreos, animal crackers, M&M’s, Rice Krispies Treats, granola or cereal bars, crackers, goldfish, microwavable Chef Boyardee ravioli or Spagettios, Cowtales, and any other kid friendly snacks besides candy.


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